Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{Instagram} January Photo Challenge Recap

Instagram Photo Challenge :: January 2012

Just a recap of my Instagrams for the monthly photo challenge that I'm following along. The challenges are curated by this wonderful lady, Chantelle, over at Fat Mum Slim. Not only am I doing this for myself, but I'm really enjoying the plethora of Instragram photos from people all over the globe as they share their takes on the daily challenges as well. What makes it even better is having a few of my close friends and family taking on the challenge as well.

Here is my month of January. If you're wondering how I created this mosaic, I used this wonderful site called Big Huge Labs (FREE to join by the way) that will create a mosaic of your photos depending on how many rows or columns you prefer. But first, I had all my photos uploaded to Flickr in a individual set and that is where I sourced my photos from. Then, I chose the option to save it to my computer and added the text through Photoshop which I'm sure you could do through any photo editing program. And VOILA

1. self portrait 2. breakfast 3. what I Adore 4. letterbox 5. something i wore 6. what makes me smile 7. favorite 8. my sky
9. daily routine 10. childhood 11. where i [used] to sleep 12. close up 13. in my bag 14. what i'm reading
15. happiness 16. morning 17. water 18. something bought 19. sweet 20. someone i love 21. reflections
22. shoes 23. something old 24. guilty pleasures 25. something i made 26. color 27. lunch 28. light
29. inside my fridge 30. nature 31. self portrait again

If you'd like to join in and follow me on Instagram, my username is under 'dahliaco'

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