Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love Day Recap

Love Day Recap

I know it's a week later and Valentine's Day has come and gone, but I just wanted to share a recap of the highlights of last week and to serve as a reminder to myself of how special it was.

I Heart Cheesecake | Discovered this lovely bakery in San Carlos, CA called Zest Bakery. All their goods are either gluten free and/or vegan. Love that!!!

 This one is a Blueberry Cheesecake. Delicious!!!

My first time trying a Vegan Chocolate Cupcake + the verdict is out of this world. I am definitely going back for these....

My own homemade, fresh baked, Chocolate Chip Cookies....Shaped in a heart of course :)

Picked up my youngest, Lucas, from Kindergarten and was excited to find him all covered up in this heart shaped paper decorated by him.

I decided to make handmade cards for my boys with a handwritten message of how much they mean to me. It's the beginning of a new tradition....

Josiah, who is now reading like a pro, reads it aloud. Such a sweet moment....

My oldest with his first Valentine's Card from Mommy 

Lucas, my youngest baby, doesn't quite know how to read yet, but as I read it to him, I saw his eyes light up with joy to hear my words of affirmation and love for him.

Lucas hugs his card.


Happy 83rd Birthday Great Lola

Another year to celebrate this woman that is who we call 'Lola' which means grandmother in Filipino. She is 83 years old and is still full of so much life, love, and faith. We no longer live in the same home, but there is no distance in our love for her. We visit her every week, cherishing her presence as much as we can and bringing her joy through my boys, her great grandchildren, which helps to keep her living life to the fullest.

Lolo (grandfather) is 90 years old, but don't be fooled because he has the energy and strength of a 20 year old. He still has his license and drives around wherever he pleases. All those morning oatmeal and banana breakfasts, soups with vegetables and fish, definitely has a lot to do with it. This photo is special because Lucas and Lolo have such a special bond. He always hugs him close and says that he wants Lucas to stay with him...

For Lola's birthday, Lucas gave his "heart" to his great grandmother and he is showing her that he knows how to spell his name. 

Lola with her great grandkids + my niece Arielle.

Every little kiss I can get from my kids is a gift that I cherish. I love being my kids' Mom and will never take these little moments for granted.

Lucas, is starting to learn how to write and this precious note is hanging on my fridge. I think I'm going to frame this for sure.....


As for my husband and I, we didn't have any time together alone since it was on a weekday and we wanted to spend it with Lola for her birthday. But, we do have a date night planned very soon. :)

Hope your Valentine's Day was special! 

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